Terms and Conditions


Footstep Explorers is a registered brand in Portugal owned by Ricardo Santos. Our fiscal number (NIF) is 240670566. We are registered with the Portuguese tourism department – Turismo de Portugal – with the licence number RNAAT – 1310/2017.
We organise tourist activities, and all our events can be found at our website.


Sign up

You can sign up to any of our events via our website. Please be aware, however, that while some events have an unlimited number of places, others are restricted to a certain number of people. For this reason, and to ensure that you have a place in one of our events, it is important to sign up. If, after signing up, you are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know at your earliest convenience, either by messaging us directly or updating your RSVP accordingly. You’ll find the option to change your RSVP status next to the form where you sign up for the event.



All our activities which are free of charge may bear some additional costs, which will be the responsibility of our attendees. Additional costs may include, but are not limited to, food and drink, transport tickets and entrance tickets.
Our charged activities may also have additional costs which, unless explicitly stated otherwise, will also be the responsibility of our attendees.

We will try to provide you with an estimation of the total cost of any of our events, but it is not always possible to provide an exact value.



Our activities start on time. If, for some reason, you will be unable to reach the meeting point at the start of the event, please call the number provided to inform us about your situation. Please do not rely on sending us a text message, since we may not notice it in time.
The finishing time of our activities should only be considered an estimation, so please allow for some extra time. The complete duration of our activities may depend on several factors, such as the size of the group, the weather conditions or how busy the places we are visiting are.



For charged activities, payments must be made during the event in cash. Some activities will, however, need to be paid for online in advance.


Event Cancellation

For the Footstep Explorers’ activities, the minimum number or participants required for an event to happen is one confirmed guest. Due to extraordinary unexpected reasons, like for example unexpected bad weather or sudden organizer’s illness, we reserve the right to cancel the event at any moment.



Here at Footstep Explorers, we pride ourselves in taking care of the environment. Due to this, it is strictly forbidden to leave any kind of trash on the ground either in urban or rural environments.



We do not provide our own transport for any of our events. However, for events happening outside of central Lisbon, we provide the most up-to-date information on how to get to those places.


Responsibility of Participants

Each participant is responsible for themselves and their behaviour. If the behaviour of a participant puts anyone else at risk, we retain the right to expel them from the activity and from participation in future events.



Footstep Explorers does not organise high-risk activities. However, accidents can happen at any time or in any place. We will provide all necessary recommendations in order to avoid accidents.



In accordance to Portuguese regulations, we have the following insurance policies:

  • Personal accident insurance;
  • Liability insurance.

These insurance policies are only valid for our paid nature tourism activities and come at no additional cost to the participant.

Liability Insurance – Insurance Policy Nº 204463653

Our Liability Insurance covers damages that are caused by a third person or entity, and is valid for all activities taking place within the territory of Portugal. It covers damages of up to €50,000.

Personal Accident Insurance – Insurance Policy Nº 204459985

The Personal Accident Insurance covers costs related to accidents that might involve people attending our activities. This includes, but is not limited to, medical treatment, medicines and any cases of permanent damage or death. It provides financial compensation up to the following:

  • € 3 500 for medical treatment;
  • € 20 000 in case of death or permanent disability.

In order to subscribe for this insurance, we will need to have your first and last name no later than one day before the activity commences.


Website content

All content on footstepexplorers.com website is owned by Ricardo Santos.



During our activities, we may take pictures of our attendees. These may later be used for the purposes of marketing in order to promote future events both online and offline. However, if you would prefer not to be included in any photos, please let us know beforehand. If by chance you still find an image of yourself that you do not want online, please inform us, and we will delete it immediately.


For further information, please contact us at

  • +351 915 664 122
  • info {at} footstepexplorers.com


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