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Visiting Tapada de Mafra

February 18 @ 11:30 am

Cost: 22€ (18€ Transport + 4€ Ticket)

Tapada de Mafra is one of the places where the nature is best preserved in Portugal.
It is a very large park, surrounds by a fence where it is possible to observe how was the Portuguese venations centuries ago.
It is a protected area where animals such dears can free live in the nature. We are going for a walk in this dense green area.

Here is a promotional video:


This activity is free of charge and the cost estimation is 22€.

We are getting to Mafra by bus, and we will start having a picnic next to Mafra Palace.
Bring food, we will have our lunch there.
Then we will take a taxi to the park’s entrance and spend about 3 hours there. Then we will take a taxi back to Mafra and a bus back to Lisbon.

We will be back in Lisbon before 7 pm.

Let go to see Deer in the Nature!


February 18
11:30 am - 7:00 pm
How to find us:
Look for someone with a red cap
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+351 915664122


22€ (18€ Transport + 4€ Ticket)
What to bring
water, confortable shoes, food for sharing
Tapada de Mafra
Bus leaves at
11:50 am

Meeting Point

Campo Grande Metro Station
Campo Grande Metro
Lisbon, Portugal

Campo Grande metro station – Yellow and Green lines.

We will meet in front of the metro ticket office. It is one level above the road, next to the metro gates.