About Us


Ricardo Santos

Fun Organizer

Born and raised in Lisbon, I’ve had a lifelong passion for travelling and visiting places all over the world. However, spending so much time abroad as a tourist myself has also made me more curious about my own country. Since I returned to live in Lisbon back in 2015, my goal has been to explore Portugal and introduce others to my home country as well.


Our Timeline

All started in 2016 with a small Meetup group.

  • 19-05-2016The Explorers are created

    All started with a meetup group. Originally it was called - Lisbon Explorers.
    Footstep Explorers - Meetup Group
  • 05-06-2016First Event

    Visiting Palácio da Ajuda
    Visiting Ajuda Palace
  • 14-10-2016First Weekend Trip

    Weekend in Tomar
    Visiting Ajuda Palace
  • 01-11-2017Our Website is live

  • 07-12-2017The Footstep Explorers are on social media