Terms and Conditions


Foostep Explorers is a registered brand in Portugal by the company Ricardo Santos which has the fiscal number [NIF] – 240670566. We are registered in the Tourism of Portugal with the License RNAAT – 1310/2017.
We provide tourism animation activities and all our event can be found at our website.


Sign up

The signing up to our events can be done via our website. Some events have unlimited number of places, however, others are restricted to a certain number of people. For this reason, and to help the organization it is important that you sign up to the events that you are planing to attend. After signing up, if by some reason you are unable to attend, it is as well important that you inform the organization about that. This can be done either messaging us or updating you RSVP to ‘no’  (this option is available next to the form where you sign up for the event).



All our activities which are free of charge may have some costs; these costs are participantes’ responsibility.
Our charged activities may have extra costs which, unless specifically stated, are guests responsibility. These can be train/bus tickets, meals, entrance tickets, etc … We try to provide an estimation of the global costs, however sometimes it is not possible to provide an acure value.



We start our activities on time. If by some reason you will not be able to be at the meeting at the pre-defined time, call the provided number for that event to inform about that situation; Do NOT send text messages (which may not be seen on real time).

The ending time of our activities are just an estimation and should be taken just as an indicator. The duration of the activity may depend of several factor like the size of the group, the weather, or how crowded the places that we are visiting are.



For the activities which are not free of charge, the payment should be done during the event in cash. For certain activities the online payment may be required to be done upfront.


Event Cancellation

For the Footstep Explorers’ activities, the minimum number or participants required for an event to happen is one confirmed guest. Due to extraordinary unexpected reasons, like for example unexpected bad weather or sudden organizer’s illness, we reserve the right to cancel the event at any moment.



The Footstep Explorers has high concern about environment. We try to keep our world as much sustainable as possible. Due to this, it is strictly forbidden to drop any kind of trash to the ground either in urban or not urban environment.



We do not provide our own transport in any of our events. However, for events happening away from Lisbon, we will provide you the best information possible about how to get to those places.


Participants responsibility

Each participant is responsible for keeping a proper behaviour during duration of the activity. If the participant behaviour put in risk any others’ physical or psychological integrity, the organization keep the right to expel that person from the activity and from the participation in future events.



The Footstep Explorers do not organize high risk activities, however accidents can happen at any moment. In our activities we will provide all kind of recommendations in order to avoid accident. It has never been the case, but if something happen with will help you in order to mitigate the issue.



In order to be safe, and accordion to the Portuguese regulation,  we have the following insurances for all our activities developed in the nature:

  • Personal Accident Insurance;
  • Liability Insurance.

These insurances are valid only for our not free activities and its cost is already included in the price charged for those.

Liability Insurance – Insurance Policy Nº 204463653

The Liability Insurance covers damages that could be cause by the current activity to a third person or entity.This insurance is valid for activities being done in the portuguese territory. It can cover damages up to 50 000€.

Personal Accident Insurance – Insurance Policy Nº 204459985

The Personal Accident Insurance covers costs related to accidents that can happen to people attending the activities.This involve medical treatment, medicines and compensation in case of a permanent damage or deat.

It can cover a financial compensation up to:

  • 3 500€ for medical treatment;
  • 20 000€ in case of death of permanent disability.

In order to subscribe this insurance, we need to have, one day before the actitity happen, the first and last names of people that are attending it.


Website content

All content present at footstepexplorers.com website is owned by the company Ricardo Santos.


Images and pictures

During our activities we may take pictures of people attending them. These ones may be latter used for marketing purposes in order to promote online our future events. If you do not agree with this you should clearly state it during the activity. If you will find any image of yourself which you don’t agree in providing it for such purpose, you can contact us and it will be immediately deleted.


For further information contact us at

  • +351 915 664 122
  • info {at} footstepexplorers.com

March 2018