Discounts for long distance buses

Rede de Expressos is the biggest long distance buses company in Portugal. With them it is possible to go to the most of cities and some villages in Portugal.

If you get the Rede de Expressos card – RFLEX – which is free of charge, it is possible to have mayor discounts in their rides.
To have an idea, if you buy a ticket online several days ahead of your departure day, it is possible to have up to 50% discount. For example, it is possible to get a return ticket from Lisbon to Porto for 20€.

If you don’t have a car and you are planing to visit several places in Portugal, it is definitely worsted to have this card.

The most of the information about this card is provided only in Portuguese. We have created the following instructions to help you to get this card.


Here there are the steps to get it:

1 – Go to

2 – Tick the U.K flag to change the language to English;

3 – Select the “RFLEX Card” in the vertical menu on the left; Even that the English language is selected, this information is presented in Portuguese.

In “Regulamento do Cartão do Cliente RFLEX” you can access the “Terms and conditions” of the card. This information is Portuguese but you can easily translated online.

4 – Select “Faça já aqui a sua adesão on-line!” [Join]

5 – Fill up the data:
a) Personal Data =» Fill up your data.

  • You may need a Portuguese address;
  • VAT is your fiscal number. In Portugal this is represented by the NIF.

b) Professional situation =» Select:

  • “Trabalhador por conta própria” if you are a freelancer.
  • “Trabalhador por conta de outrém” if you are employed.
  • “Outra” for everything else.

c) Contacts =» Fill up your data.
d) Autorização =» tick the 2 boxes. In the first one you corroborate that all information is true and that you allow them to use your data for marketing purposes. The latter one says that you agree with the terms and conditions.

6 – submit data.

Then in about a week you should get a letter in your address with your card and access codes.

And you are ready to buy your ticket online.

December 2017