About Us


Ricardo Santos

Fun Organizer

Born and raised in Lisbon, I love travelling and visiting different places. But spending so much time abroad as a tourist myself has also made me more curious about my own country. Since I came back in 2015, my task has been to explore Portugal and bring the ones around to do it as well.


Our Timeline

All started in 2016 with a small Meetup group.

  • 19-05-2016The Explorers are created

    All started with a meetup group. Originally it was called - Lisbon Explorers.
    Footstep Explorers - Meetup Group
  • 05-06-2016First Event

    Visiting Palácio da Ajuda
    Visiting Ajuda Palace
  • 14-10-2016First Weekend Trip

    Weekend in Tomar
    Visiting Ajuda Palace
  • 01-11-2017Our Website is live

  • 07-12-2017Footstep Explorers are on social media